Check Weigher

Check Weigher CW 1 K

Product Details:
  • Zero setting: Automatic by tare in the balance,before every sample
  • Repeatability: 1 mg
  • Weighing capacity: 220 / 360 gm Max.
  • Accuracy: 1 mg
  • Least count: 1 mg
  • Hopper capacity: 30 capsules of 00
  • Brand: Aczet

Check Weigher -CW 1 K offered comes with fully automatic operations that match up with the complete operation demands from weighing individual capsule to meeting the requirements of printing report with statistical data. With the system designed to offer precision weighing balance with 1mg accuracy as well as repeatability, it is made available with interfacing system that allows switching off machine in event of capsules going beyond the set limits. Further, these feature completely enclosed as well as sturdy design that does not allow transfer of machine vibration to the weighing balance. Other than this, the provision of recording date & time, statistics result & operator detail, graph, batch data and other factors also allow the system to deliver optimum functionality support. Designed to provide optimum control and regulation in all aspects of filling process, some of its working specifications include Hopper capacity of 30 capsules of ‘00’ (with capsule sizes from ‘00’ to ‘05’), Weighing capacity of 220 gm Max. / 360 gm Max, Least count of 1 mg, Accuracy of + 1 mg and Repeatability of + 1 mg.

Standard Features
  • Printing report with statistical data.
  • Precision weighing balance with 1mg accuracy and repeatability.
  • Interfacing system to switch off the machine, if capsules are beyond the set limits.
  • Completely enclosed & sturdy design, which will not transfer the vibration of the machine to the weighing balance.
  • Provision for recording graph, batch data, date & time, statistics result & operator detail etc.
  • Either more than 1 or no capsules recorded, programmer will not consider the weight & will not print.
  • Provision of viewing the reading sample being weighed on the monitor.
  • Provision of viewing the result on Tower indicator.
Overfilling is a waste and underfilling is unacceptable. The solution for all your laboratory needs is CITIZEN’s line of SQC systems, which control and regulate all aspects of the filling process.

Other Details

Parameter/ModelStanderd Weight Subarea
Hopper capacity30 capsules of ‘00’
Capsule Sizes‘00’ to ‘05’
Weighing balance details
Citizen CY 220, CY 360
Citizen Scales INC
Weighing capacity220 gm Max. / 360 gm Max.
Least count1 mg
Accuracy+ 1 mg
Repeatability+ 1 mg
Zero settingAutomatic by tare in the balance, before every sample

AC-7 Check Weigher

Product Details:
  • Gross Weight: 145 Kg
  • Frame: Special frame structure enables keeping accuracy
  • Processing: Advanced digital signal processing
  • Package Size (mm): 1145 (L) x 860 (W) x 1440 (H)
  • Brand: Aczet,Citizen

AC-7 Check Weigher solutions offered find application in detecting weight of product as well as seeing if it matches with target weight with the auto-selecting device picking out unqualified products. These check weigher systems find suitability in areas including pharmaceutical industry for checking missing strips, tablets, leaflet's, proper filling of injectable & vials and capsules. Other than this, it is also used in Food/Confectionary industry sector (for checking Concentrate, Cheese, Tea, Coffee, Bakery Products); Components manufacturing (for checking missing CD's as well as Electronics Parts); in Cosmetics industry (for checking semi-filled/unfilled Talc Bottle, Tooth Paste in Tube) and others. The system’s superior frame structure allows maintaining accuracy with advanced digital signal processing providing for high speed and stable weighing operations

Other Details
AC 7 - 10-99 g0.51050 (L)
AC 7 - 100-200 g0.6X
AC 7 - 201-400 g0.8681 (W)
AC 7 - 401-999 g1x
AC 7 - 1000-10000 g
21260 (H)

  • Apply range: Used to detect the weight of product whether match with the target weight, meanwhile auto-selecing device picks out the unqualified products.
The Segment where the check weigher could be useful:
  • Pharmaceutical: Missing Strips, Leaflet's, Tablet, Capsule, proper filling of injectable and vials.
  • Food/Confectionary: Tea, Coffee, Concentrate, Cheese, Bakery Products.
  • Components: Missing CD's, Electronics Parts.
  • Cosmetics: Semi-Filled / Unfilled Tooth Paste in Tube, Talc Bottle
  • Engineering: Missing Gaskets, Fasteners, High quality of drilling / Machine Tools.
  • Paper Industry: Missing Paper
  • Frozen Products: Under weight Meat, Green Salad, Fruits, Vegetable

Dynamic Check weighers CW-3K

  • Designed for Control of packaged & Unpackaged Goods.
  • Detecting Theory : Digital Weighing Sensor, EMFC Sensor (Optional)
  • HACCP, CMP & FDA Approved
  • Automatic Weighing Compensation & Zero Tracking
  • Strong Stainless Steel Structure (S.S. 301) Mild Steel (Optional)
  • Advance DSP Technology with Digital Signal Filter
  • Based on 32 Bit High Speed CPU / Industrial PC Technology with Windows Embedded System (Optional)
  • Graphical with Touch Screen Display
  • Built-in Power Stabilizer
  • Buzzer & Lamp Alarming with Rejectors
  • 100 Products Preset; Easy to Edit & Recall
  • Data Storage & Data Printout ready
  • 2000 Sorting Reports
  • RS-232 (Standard), USB & Ethernet Interface (Optional)
  • Easy ± Tolerance Control
  • Easy Interface in Existing Production Lines
  • Adjustable Bolt Speed
  • Belt Speed : Upto 120 m/min. (180Hz)
  • Rapid Change of Belts
  • Anti-Vibration Legs with Height Adjustment
  • Bar Graphs,, Pie Diagrams & Statistical Data (Optional)
  • Database in MS Access & SQL Server (Optional)
  • Remote Monitoring of Live Operation (Optional)
  • Feedback Signaling for / Dosing Systems (Optional)
  • Control thru the Single Software for Metal Detectors, Dosing Systems, Signaling Devices, Conveyor Belts, Label / Inkjet Printers, Barcode Readers, Backup Devices, etc..... (Optional)
Technical Specification

ModelCW 3K
CAPACITY3 ~ 3000g
ACCURACY (G)*± 1.0g
REJECT SYSTEMSAir Jet Reject / Flapper / Falling Drop
POWER SUPPLYAC 110V / 220V, 50 ~ 60Hz
DISPLAYGraphical with touch Screen
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