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Crane Scales

Cylinder Crane Scale

Cylinder Crane Scale

Standard Features
  • New circuit design, longer standby time and more stable.
  • Quality-in-one sensor design, weighing fast, accurate and stable.
  • High-quality sealed maintenance free rechargeable batteries, shock resistant high-strength aluminum alloy chassis.
  • The perfect program, do not crash, do not hop.
  • Fashion appearance, patented design.
  • Handheld remote control, convenience, functional.
  • Certificate : ISO9001:2008

50 kg10 g85140477675271
60 kg10 g85140477675271
100 kg50 g85140477675271

Technical Specification

ModelHA 50CHA 60CHA 100C
CAPACITY50 kg60 kg100 kg
DISPLAYLCD Display (55 x 25mm)
POWER SUPPLY2xAAA (Plastic), 2xAAA (Aluminum)
MODEKg, Lbs, N
DIMENSION130 x 70 x 150mm
PACKING DIMENSION440 x 380 x 380mm

Wireless Crane Scale

Wireless Crane Scale

Wireless crane scale is a good measuring instrument for weighing suspended goods. Weighing data is transmitted wirelessly. Weighing is convenient accurate, and reliable, it has various functions and is suitable for handling goods online. When using wireless electronic crane scale, it will save a lot of weighing time and cost and also can improve the efficiency. The most important thing is that it can be sued in many places.
Standard Features
  • Rugged Heavy duty design.
  • Steel housing scales body.
  • Safe over load 150% of FS.
  • Ultimate overload 200% of FS.
  • Rugged & heavy duty designed.
  • Safe & Durable Construction.
  • ON /OFF, Change, Zero, Lock.
  • Weighing result locking key
  • Available to freeze the weight & read at your convenient.
  • High tension shackle & Hook.
  • 2000 Weighing records can be store.

  • Built-in Rechargeable battery (100hrs) approx) DC 6V/10A, AC Adaptor output 6V/1A.
  • Frequency : 450MHz.
    A) Wireless Indicator with built-in Printing indicator or JX 280 Wireless Hand Held Indicator.
    B) Trolley Stand for crane.
    C) Anti Heat Shield on request for High Temperature.
    D) RS 232 Interface (Optional)

Capacity5 Ton and over
1200º C 1.8 Meters
1400º C 2.0 Meters
1600º C 2.5 Meters
FEATURESUse in high heat application

Technical Specification

ModelHA 5TRHA 10 TRHA 20 TRHA 30 TRHA 50 TR
CAPACITY5 Ton10 Ton20 Ton30 Ton50 Ton
GRADUATION2 kg5 kg5 kg10 kg20 kg
  • Digital Crane Scale

    Digital Crane Scale

    Digital Counting Scale

    Digital Counting Scale

    The precision designed Digital Counting Scales are developed to deliver high measuring accuracy in the range from 0.1gm - 10Kg. These counting scales also feature Red LED Display so as to provide for easy viewing. With balances equipped with SMPS power adapter, these also feature optionally RS232C interface with balances having Hi-Low feature with audible sound as well as balances having an inbuilt battery back-up that allows for more than 10 hours of consistent use.

    Standard Features
    • Red LED Display for easy viewing.
    • All balances are equipped with SMPS power adapter.
    • Optionally RS232C interface is available.
    • Balance has the Hi-Low feature with audible sound.
    • All balances are having an inbuilt battery back up for more 10 hours use.

    Technical Specifications

    TypeMaxdPan Size
    CTG 1200E1200 gm0.1 gm180 x 140
    CTG 3000E3000 gm0.1 gm180 x 140
    CTG 10E10 kg0.5 gm180 x 140
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