Conversion Kit

LCD Conversion Kit

Product Details:
  • Battery : Built-in rechargeable battery for continues use.
  • Screen: Easy to read (0.8 inch) bright RED LCD display.
  • Brand: Citizen
  • Display: High resolution upto 15,000 counts.
  • Range: 300 kg to 100 ton

LCD Conversion Kit (Range: 300kg to 100 ton) offered are made available in high resolution of up to 15,000 counts and feature easy to read (0.8”) bright RED LCD display as well as built-in rechargeable battery for providing continuous usage value. Some of the optional features of the system include availability of remote display (for customer drive view), presence of RS 232 C Interface, Intelligent terminal/computer, environmentally protected load cell as well as rugged constructed finish. The specifications these are made available with include WB 30 CK (with max of 30 Ton and d 300 kg), WB 40 CK (with max of 40 Ton and d 500 kg), WB 50 CK (with max of 50 Ton and d 600 kg), WB 60 CK (with max of 60 Ton and d 1 Ton), WB 80 CK (with max of 80 Ton and d 2 Ton) and WB 100 CK (with max of 100 Ton and d 2.5 Ton). These can also be provided with options including Weight Track Software for handling the requirements of Govt. Stamping.
Standard Features
  • High resolution upto 15,000 counts.
  • Easy to read (0.8”) bright RED LCD display.
  • Built-in rechargeable battery for continues use.
  • Optional :-
    • Remote display available for customer drive view.
    • RS 232 C Interface.
    • Intelligent terminal or computer.
  • Environmentally protected load cell.
  • Rugged construction suitable.

Technical Specifications

WB 30 CK30 Ton300 kg
WB 40 CK40 Ton500 kg
WB 50 CK50 Ton600 kg
WB 60 CK60 Ton1 Ton
WB 80 CK80 Ton2 Ton
WB 100 CK100 Ton2.5 Ton

Optional Accessories
Govt. Stamping
Weight Track Software
Supervision/ Inst. Co
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